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Look A Likes: Teresa Palmer and Kristen Stewart

Can you tell who is who in the above image?  Unless you are a die hard ‘Twilight’ fan you may have issues like I do.

I was watching “Take Me Home Tonight” and about an hour in my wife says to me, “She does a great American accent.  I can’t tell she is from Australia.”  I then said in response, “What do you mean?  Kristen Stewart is as American as it gets.”  I had no clue that the beautiful young lady on the screen was not the pillar of teenage angst, Kristen Stewart, but this was the Australian champ from movies like “Restraint”, “I am number four” and “Sorcerers Apprentice”.

And her name is Teresa Palmer.  After this revelation, I began wondering to myself that the entire movie I was slowly falling for the character in “Take Me Home Tonight” even though I am not a big fan of Stewart.  I was noticing her lips were fuller, her eyes were more vibrant and stunning and she had some meat on her bones.  I had sold myself that Stewart was ‘looking good’.  Then BAM!  I was suddenly reminded on how I have already been through this as the aussie was holding back her marvelous accent.

Either way, I will be following up with Teresa Palmer movies and not with Kristen Stewart.  The picture above may not do this Look A Like justice but you must see a Teresa Palmer film to confirm.


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